Rush is a very short period of time at the start of the semester where we host fun events. These events are for potential members to get to know the Brotherhood before they make their decision whether or not the Fraternity’s right for them. Events range from crackin’ mixers with sororities to having a chill barbecue with the brhothers. Please see the event schedule for complete details.

The most important nights of rush are Alpha Psi Rho 101 and Last Call x Last Supper. Alpha Psi Rho 101 is dedicated to giving you all the details right out the gate so you know what to expect for the next couple of weeks, what to expect once you’re in the Fraternity, and what we’re about. As the closing rush event and on a Sunday, Last Call x Last Supper often has a more somber and serious tone. However, Alpha Psi Rho encourages potential members to attend as many rush events as they can so that both parties know each other well.

Rush often dictates the fraternity you pledge so it’s imperative that you rush the right fraternity. Remember that Brotherhood is for life and therefore you can only choose once. Alpha Psi Rho’s Brotherhood often becomes a surrogate family away from home for members whose bonds rise above any friendship.

There are no obligations to join the Fraternity when you rush—you are welcome to come have fun, enjoy the free food, get to know brhos and network! You will most likely interact with a Brhother of Alpha Psi Rho during your college career especially if you become involved in the cultural student organizations.