“Creating a history involves a series of events and dates, but most importantly it is something worth remembering.  As the Founding Fathers of Alpha Psi Rho began to write the first chapter of a legacy, they found it necessary to remember what had motivated them to breathe life into their brotherhood.  Through fate ten Founding Fathers came together to bring a new sense of support to the people of Asian and Pacific Islander ancestry.  As we reflect upon the struggles our ancestors faced in adapting and surviving in the United States of America, we continue to emulate their hardships.  Alpha Psi Rho will strive to become a predominant force in American society.  The Founding Fathers composed of Jason Valoroso, Kenny Fong, James Kuniyoshi, Jeremy Quirante, Jay Balanay, Kenny Ortega, Frederick Lucina Jr., Reuel Andaya, Anthony Gambol, and Benjamin Abiva.  Alpha Psi Rho was founded on March 1, 2000, and was established upon the beliefs of brotherhood, academics, prosperity, and strength.”

“…Triumphant in the face of perseverance.”

To understand Alpha Psi Rho, you must understand its roots. The Founding Fathers of this Brotherhood grew up in the 90’s, the era of the L.A. Riots, Desert Storm, gangsta rap and the slaying of hip-hop icons. At the same time, Asian and Pacific Islander-Americans were struggling to find their identities in the United States. Some found prosperity in gangs. Others pursued higher education to understand themselves culturally and become capable gentlemen in this country. The Founding Fathers enrolled at San Diego State University and became involved in cultural organizations. However, they wanted to be around people who have similar interests, lived a similar lifestyle, and hungered to make greater impacts in the community—a sense of involvement that never existed and a brotherhood like no other. In 2000, the Ten Founding Fathers founded Alpha Psi Rho at San Diego State University.

Alpha Psi Rho was forged upon four simple yet iron principles: Brotherhood, Academics, Prosperity and Strength, which provide for an unyielding foundation yet limitless potential. Since the conception, Alpha Psi Rho had always been the alternative/underdog/x. Due to ever-constant opposition and disbelief, innovation and hustle has become a motif in the Alpha Psi Rho Lifestyle. Because this dynamic is fundamental to the organization, Alpha Psi Rho continues to elevate and dominate as San Diego’s most recognized, involved API-interest Fraternity. Through such passion and dedication toward common goals, a true tradition of brotherhood was cultivated. This Lifestyle continues today and has become the essence of being a Gentleman of Alpha Psi Rho.