About Alpha Psi Rho

“High-caliber men.”

The Gentlemen of Alpha Psi Rho live a Lifestyle reminiscent of Renaissance men: one of self-empowerment, innovation for what a Fraternity can be, and care for the community. Being a Gentleman of Alpha Psi Rho is not a part-time occupation—it’s a way of living. Fueled by challenge, others’ skepticism and a purpose of becoming high-caliber men, Alpha Psi Rho’s fire burns forever. No Brhother “deactivates.” Because of this, Alpha Psi Rho Men are among the most passionate, innovative, and involved. Throughout the year, you will hear about what Alpha Psi Rho is doing more than any other API(Asian Pacific-Islander) Greek-lettered organization in San Diego.

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To give you an idea, in the past year Alpha Psi Rho has:

  • Raised $9,000 for PNOY Apparel’s Shirt The Kids Charity Campaign
  • Brought Supreme Soul, Bambu, Geologic from Blue Scholars and more to SDSU
  • Drastically raised its average GPA, becoming the fraternity with the highest GPA in its council
  • Won the Championships in both USFC Intramural Football and Basketball

The mission statement states: “We, the Gentlemen of Alpha Psi Rho, strive to achieve Brotherhood through active participation in the community by promoting Asian/Pacific Islander awareness. Through fostering scholastic achievement, we shall mold future leaders who will actively pursue the apex of life. Our cultural backgrounds shall provide us with the strength and unity to attain greatness. Through brotherhood, we will produce high caliber men who will be triumphant in the face of perseverance. We are the gentlemen of Alpha Psi Rho.”

Alpha Psi Rho’s greatest strength is its brotherhood and its uniqueness from other fraternities, and you can tell just by looking at its members. The Gentlemen build Brotherhood by getting through college together and staying active in its communities: the community in which they live in, the cultural community and the Greek community. Because of this, Alpha Psi Rho has become a force in San Diego and Southern California. Guided by a strong foundation, mission statement, and the mantra of “always be bold and strong,” Alpha Psi Rho continues to dominate and elevate.

Today, Alpha Psi Rho is involved in:

  • San Diego Fil-Am Fest
  • San Diego Asian Youth Organization
  • Lao New Year Festival
  • AB Samahan Filipino Culture Night
  • USFC Intramural Sports (’09,’10 Basketball Champions & ’09 Football Champions)
  • PNOY Apparel Shirt The Kids Charity Campaign
  • Asian Pacific Islanders Against Diabetes (APIADs)
  • SDSU Greek Week (This years Project: Doheny Eye Institute)
  • SDSU API Unity x API organizations
  • Justice for Filipino-American Veterans
  • …and more!

Because Alpha Psi Rho looks for quality over quantity, the organization is tightknit and coveted by its members. No brhother is easily overlooked and all contribute. At the end of the day, Brhothers have brotherhood events, study groups, Rho Family outings with the Lady Rhos, attend cultural and other stimulating events, and fun social events with sororities all over Southern California. Through such diverse activities at such high frequency, the average brhother develops a vast network and repertoire.