The Four Pillars

Brotherhood.  Academics.  Prosperity.  Strength.

These are the four values that form the foundation of Alpha Psi Rho and of every brother.  Strong and encompassing, yet purposefully broad to allow infinite growth.

Alpha Psi Rho in its most basic terms, in its essence, is one family.  One Brotherhood.  Brothers often get to know each other’s real families, support each other in their endeavors, and so on.  Throughout the year, brothers have summer and winter retreats, random outings, barbecues, hikes, intramural basketball and football games, and everything in between.  Members build brotherhood simply running Alpha Psi Rho.  After college, brothers oftentimes become business partners, each others’ best men and children’s godfathers, and simply homies for life.

As a collegiate organization, Alpha Psi Rho places great emphasis on academics.  That’s why it is the fraternity with the second highest grade point average in its council (as of 2009) and continues to foster improvement.  Every semester brothers are invited to the Order of Omega and other high-academia societies.  But Academics is about so much more than that in Alpha Psi Rho.  For one, brothers learn culture.  Following the mission statement, they learn about their heritage and how to express themselves.  They mature more in their scope of life and identity.  Secondly, brothers learn how to operate in this world.  They learn how to care for their family, how to take the throne and how to build a kingdom.  For every event they organize, every song they orchestrate, every dollar they raise, brothers learn.

To be continued…