Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Alpha Psi Rho?
Being one of the youngest fraternities in the nation means that you pave the future for this organization, nothing is set in stone.  You pave the way for the future members if you decide to join. Alpha Psi Rho is the ONLY Asian/Pacific Islander Greek organization at SDSU to be born from the local Asian/Pacific Islander orgs such as AB Samahan and APSA. While most Greeks focus only on Greek life, our main focus is bringing the Asian & Pacific Islander community together, always working together on a common goal and ignoring whether or not they are Greek. We are involved and known throughout San Diego and Southern California. Our main focus is to never forget our roots and keep our heritage strong. We are the only Greek fraternity that continually supports the orgs that brought us to be. We focus on our diverse culture and support all clubs with similar purposes. We remove the stereotypes of fraternities by bridging the gap between cultural clubs and Greek organizations. We believe it is not the number of people you have in your organization that makes you recognized, but it is what and how much you contribute in your community that will have you remembered throughout the years. Not to mention our parties are off the hook…

Q. How much will rush cost me?
Rush is free, and rides will be provided to all events.

Q. Do I have to attend all the rush events?
No, but you are encouraged to attend all of them.  The more we see you, the more you see us and the more we will know about each other.

Q. How should I act?
Rule number one is to act like you. You want to know what the chapter is like and we want to know you. Therefore, be yourself and do not put up a “front.” Bear in mind, though, that recruitment is short and it is important to meet as many people as possible.

Q. If I rush, do I have to pledge?
No, rush comes with no obligations, no strings attached!  Come out and enjoy the free food and drinks, but most of all get to know the brhos and network.

Q. Do you haze?
No, that is illegal.

Q. What should I know before I join?
Joining a fraternity carries certain responsibilities. Make sure you know all of the financial obligations that are required. Furthermore, you should understand all aspects of membership that are required for initiation into a chapter. As a new member…A rushee becomes a new member when he accepts a bid to become a member. Pledgeship is an educational period during which a new member is prepared for the future active membership. The length of the new member period varies. During this time the new members are involved in a variety of activities, all designed to enable the new members to become a part of the brotherhood and carry out our values. Once you become an initiated member, you are ineligible for membership in any other fraternity. Pledging is a time to learn about college, about your chapter, and ESPECIALLY yourself. During the new member period, you will become acquainted with your chapter’s history, its goals, and your key to its future. As each new member brings new life into the chapter, each chapter will bring something new into the life of each of you who pledge.

Q. I want to join Alpha Psi Rho, but I’m not Asian or Pacific Islander!
Although we are an Asian/Pacific-Islander based fraternity, our membership is open to all. We believe that diversity strengthens an organization in all aspects. Everyone is unique in their own way and can contribute one way or another, regardless of their ethnicity.  Furthermore, true brotherhood knows no color.

Q. Who should I contact if I have any more questions about rush?
See the Contact section.  Our rush coordinators are always free to answer your questions but feel free to ask any brho you meet on campus!