Current Rush Schedule Fall 2011

For all preliminary engagements meet up in front of Zura Turnaround at 6:30 PM sharp and look for the letters  AΨP.

Be aware of some events that begin at different times.

For those interested in participating in these events, you must fill out a Greek Registration form.

Potential members must complete Greek Registration prior to being issued an invitation to join. Please Click on USFC.  Fraternities and sororities will be notified of potential new members who have successfully completed Greek Registration.

All events and transportation are provided. They are absolutely FREE.

Wednesday September 21: USFC X APSIRHO
Meet the other great organizations in the United Sorority/ Fraternity Council at SDSU
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Campanile Walkway

Saturday September 24: SPORTS DAY
(Meet at Zura Turn around at noon)
Join the brothers of Alpha Psi Rho as we participate in pick up games and more.

Sunday September 25: BONFIRE
Meet at Zura Turn Around at 7 PM
We will be ending the weekend with a typical SD family bonfire

Monday September 26: INFO NIGHT (ALPHA PSI RHO 101)
Meet at Zura Turn Around at 6:30 PM
Location: Aztec Mesa 101
We will be answering all your questions and allowing you to get to know us as a fraternity and as a family.

Tuesday September 27:
Meet at Zura Turn Around at 6:30 PM
Join us as we enjoy an evening with the beautiful woman of

Wednesday September 28:
Meet at Zura Turn Around at 6:30 PM
Enjoy a night with magnificent ladies of

Thursday September 29:
Meet at Zura Turn Around at 6:30 PM
Mixer with the ladies of
Sigma Phi Omega (SDSU)

Friday September 30: Last Call x Last Supper
(This event begins at 4:00 PM. Please meet at Zura  Turnaround at 3:45)
The final engagement for any one still interested in Alpha Psi Rho. We will answer any final questions you may still have.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the following brothers:
Nate Gepilla: (619) 788 – 9166
Ronel Dalisay: (619) 606 – 9006