December 8th, 2011 | by 3 KuDi

Greetings All!


Alpha Psi Rho Alpha Chapter’s Fall has been quite busy, thus we apologize for not too many updates recently. Since Diabetes Walk, we have had numerous events, from Daphne’s Fundraiser on SDSU campus and social with the lovely ladies of Kappa Psi Epsilon at the end of October, to a march in L.A. called Justice for Filipino-American Veterans (JFAV), an Asian-Pacific Islander Coalition (A.P.I.C) Potluck with other student organizations on campus, intramurals football games and our yearly Sports day in November.


Now were finally in December, and were all busy hitting the books preparing for finals week! Good luck to everyone else on their finals as well! For now, look out for the upcoming events Alpha Psi Rho Alpha Chapter has in stored!

  • December 7th, M.R.D Vigil
  • December 17th, Alpha Psi Rho Alpha Chapter Formals


Sports Day Teaser!

Sports Day Teaser

Stay Up!


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